I am experienced in both Swedish and English. Contact me with inquiries.

Some examples of what I can contribute with:

Keynote/workshop on digital development of logistics, transportation, SCM

Also workshops with management teams, customers etc. (from 2 hours to full day)

Keynote: Environmental impact from transportation – ways to reduce and/or manage

Extensive experience in sustainability work within the freight transport sector

Teaching: Logistics

    • I have extensive experience in teaching logistics and related subjects at university level
    • Fitted to the needs of the audience

Podcasting – how to etc.

  • I am the founder/co-founder of three podcasts, including Podgeek which is about podcasting
  • Presentations and/or coaching fitted to audience
  • Help in producing your own podcast

Digital communication for researchers

A workshop/lecture on how to reach outside your domain using social media, blogs etc.