Like a shot of bad whisky

She walked into my office like a shot of bad whisky. Blond, cheap and with promises that just wouldn’t keep. And me, being myself, fell of course. As always. I’m a sucker for blondes. Whiskies as well as women.

”Good evening, Mr Fett”, she said in a husky voice, ”I need you to find someone.”

”Well, that’s what I do, miss…”

”Malfoy. Hermione Malfoy. And it’s Mrs.”

”I see. So, Mrs Malfoy, who do you want me to find?”

”His name is Anakin. Anakin Malfoy. He is my husband.”

”Anakin Malfoy, the owner of Micromush, the software company?!”

”Yes”, she said. ”He is missing. No one knows about this except for me and the servants. And they are all droids so they won’t tell anyone.”

”I see. Well, my schedule is packed Mrs Malfoy”, I said. Time to test her resolve…

”I’ll triple your normal fee, Mr Fett! Just find my husband before…”, she trailed off.

”Before what?”, I asked.

”Oh, nothing, forget it. It’s… it’s my birthday in five days and he always buys me a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster on my birthday, that’s all…”

She was lying, I was sure of it. But, truth to be told, I needed the dough.

”OK, Mrs Malfoy, I’ll do it.”

She sighed with something that looked like relief and handed me an envelope.

”Everything you need is in there, including a down payment for the first five days.”

”I just have one question, Mrs Malfoy. What do you think has happened to Mr Malfoy?”

She hesitated briefly before she answered.

”I think that his rival, Luke Vader, has killed him. You know Luke Vader? The owner of Plum Inc, the largest competitor of Micromush.”

”So, if he’s dead, why try and find him?”, I asked.

”Before he left, that last day, he told me that there would be a surprise dinner the same night. And that he had information to divulge regarding his business and his will. Then he left for work. And now he’s gone.”

She almost started crying. And I can’t stand a dame crying. So I did what every sane man would have done in my place. I threw her out, toghether with her cash. Well, except for the consulting fee she owed me of course.

What she does now? Well as far as I know she works at Monster’s Inc as a receptionist. Doing a great job by all accounts. And her husband was miraculously found a few days later. In good health playing golf with his old classmates. I suspect that the woman and her husband conspired to kill Luke Vader and set me up as the fall guy. Like in some old movie. Well, I don’t fall for those kinds of stings, not mostly anyway…

Varje söndag är det Fotosöndag. Ett fototema släpps på tisdagen, man har veckan på sig att ta en bild och att ladda upp den på Flickr i gruppen Fotosöndag. Denna veckan var temat Film Noir, därav bilderna i detta inlägg. Och förresten, var gärna med du också. Kolla in nästa veckas tema på på tisdag!